The Richest 1%: 225 Times More Wealthy Than The Average Earner

Well, isn’t the reason obvious? It’s because they are 225 times better than average.

and according to this CNN Money story

The poorest U.S. households have had a negative net worth in every reading dating back to 1962, meaning that their debts and other liabilities outweigh their assets. They fell deeper into a hole the last two years, with their net worth falling to negative $27,000 on average, or nearly twice as much as they owed two years earlier.

These poor, miserable wretches understand that in the game of life, there are winners and losers. I’m sure each and every one of them made a conscious choice to let the wealthy climb even higher up that success ladder, gladly offering to take less, so the rich can succeed.

via Talking Points Memo

The poor must take immeasurable pride in knowing that, individually, their pittance of a contribution to the wealthy means nothing. But thanks to the combined trickle up from hundreds of thousands of blistered, dirty hands, the wealthy are doing just great!


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