The Quick and Easy Guide to: Living on Minimum Wage

Let’s lay out a budget for you so can see how simple it really is.

We’ll assume a single parent and child.

Now the sources for this guide were found on the fly, so if you can find more accurate numbers, have at. My time is valuable.

Let’s pretend you are lucky enough to work 40 hours a week at a minimum wage job. (Although we know this isn’t always the case. But, if you are a go-getter you can always get 2 or more jobs, right?)

This would have you working 160 hours per month at $7.25 per hour = $1160 Income.
(For the sake of simplicity we won’t even take out taxes, it’s the Billionaire Way. Which in reality would leave you with approximately $950.00 for the month)

Total Income: $1160


Let’s pretend you live where the rents are the absolute lowest in the country… somewhere like Canton, OH or Spartanburg, SC

Rent = $638.00 (source: HUD via the We Party Patriots and Top 200 US Cities Rental Prices)

Which gets you something like this:
And the landscaping doesn’t even cost extra!

Lights = $95.66 (Source: Mother Earth News: Average Electric Bill)

Water = $51.00 (Source: LeakBird: Average Household Water Bill)

Food (on the Thrifty Plan) = $354.00 (Scource: USDA: Making a Food Plan, Cost of Food)

So your bare minimum, absolute basic necessities. No clothes, no personal products, no frills, no car, no transportation, no doctor’s visits, no dentist, no cable, no phone, no internet = $1138.66

Which leaves you with $22.00 per month to do all those things beyond the bare minimum.

And if you scrimp and save and work really, really hard and you don’t cause trouble and you don’t ask questions, then you too will be able to …. Oh, who am I kidding? Really we don’t care. As long as you keep working and buying we really don’t care.

Seriously… Shut up and go back to work.


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